Multiple menus. One tablet.

Smart. Simple. Unified.

Tuch menus allow you to keep all your menus on one tablet. Changing menus is just a few taps away.


Your business changes fast. So should your menu.

Quick. Easy. Effective.

With the built-in Quick Edit feature, changing your menu is now the simplest part of your job. Simply enter your secure PIN and swipe the item off the screen to hide it from the menu.


Handled digitally. Logged automatically.

Customer taps. Kitchen receives.

With Tuch tablets, ordering can be handled digitally. The tablets record all of the data about the order allowing you to see statistics and analysis about sales trends. This also ensures all your orders are correct.


Browser based. No install. Cross compatible.

Take control. Anywhere.

With an extensive suite of web-based administrative tools, Tuch tablets are easy to manage. Whether you have 1 tablet or 1000, you can update and change your menu from the same, easy to use web app. Our site handles the tools so you don't have to.

Tuch Analytics

Visualize your data. Optimize your sales.

Get answers.

With Tuch's online analytics system, you can visually track your clicks, orders, and views for all your items and categories.

Why Tuch?

Higher Profits

Precise control

Immediate changes

Online management


Customer insight

Internet connected

Real-time analytics

Fully scalable

Generate loyalty

Bring your establishment into the digital age. If you want to learn more, see a demo, or have any questions, click below.

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